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How to lock the blade shaft on a Craftsman 315.108220 circular saw?

Does anyone know whether there is a “brake” on the driven saw blade shaft of this model so you can unscrew the blade bolt? If not can you suggest how I can lock the shaft and remove the blade bolt? The blade is loose and freely rotates on the shaft but it is impossible to remove the blade bolt because the blade shaft and the armature turn. I seek suggestions how I can lock the shaft and thus remove the blade bolt. Because the saw blade can not be removed, I can’t fully disassemble the saw and thus gain access to the gear case where I could lock the shaft..


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From the owners manual (https://c.searspartsdirect.com/mmh/lis_p...) the answer is “no”. Set the saw on a bench or other suitable support and use the attached blade wrench to loosen the spindle nut, holding the saw down with the guard UP so the blade is captured by the bench-top and kept from moving. Alternatively, on tight blades, I’ve always inserted a screwdriver shaft between blade teeth to “jam” the blade from moving. In a pinch you can also grip the blade with some pliers or channel-locks.

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