360E owners: what does your temperature read after approximately 2 hrs

Today I watched a digital movie that ran for just under 2 hours. I decided to grab my laser thermometer and test the temperature after I had powered down. The highest reading I got when pointing the laser through the top vent was 130! I feel like this is a high temp reading but I don’t know what the average temp of this console is. Even my 1st gen 360 ran at a max of 104 yesterday after replacing the thermal paste and that’s the system prone to overheat failure. I have absolutely no issues with the device and I’d like to keep it that way. If a few of you wouldn’t mind getting a temp reading after using your 360E for an estimated 2 hours I’d have a better idea if this is indeed a high temp for this device and the thermal paste needs to be replaced here too. Thanks for reading!

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