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Samsung Wave 533 is a Bada OS powered phone with full QWERTY keyboard for the mass market.

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Samsung GT-S5330 screen not turning on

Hi, i have a GT-S5330 that works perfectly. One time, i dropped it and the screen starts to not responding and turning on. I tried restarting the phone, still nothing works.

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Hi @ooflusitania ,

You’ve answered your own question - you dropped it.

Either the LCD screen has been damaged internally and needs to be replaced or the flex cable connection from the LCD screen/digitizer on the systemboard is loose. Hopefully it is not a more serious systemboard problem

In any case the phone will need to be opened and the problem further diagnosed as to the cause.

Here’s a link to a video that shows the dis-assembly of your phone which may be of some help.

I have searched online for a Samsung Wave 533 GT-S5330 LCD screen, without success. You may have better luck.

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