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A point-and-shoot camera by Kodak released in 2006.

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When I turn on my camera it shuts automatically.

When I turn on my kodak easy share z650 it shuts down.

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It turns on then it turns back off help


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Camera specifications for the batteries required by this unit are:

Kodak NiMH battery pack KAA2HR, or 2x AA

If battery pack is installed try using a couple of regular AA size batteries to make sure it is not just a charging problem. If camera works with regular batteries, then battery pack and/or charger could need replacing.

If camera still not working after testing, a visual inspection of the camera's interior components may be of use. A teardown tutorial can be accessed at this location:

Kodak Easyshare z650 Teardown

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Terri Jones if the check by @propman doesn’t help you want to check the lens. It is not uncommon for these cameras to shut down because of a lens error. Check on here for some possible solutions.

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