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no picture but it starts

I have a Sony xbr-65x850d with no picture but it starts. The internet and apps show up and work to the point where I can order a movie through Amazon Prime. but as soon I press play the picture disappears but the sound works. Any ideas?

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Hi @sharkcrooner ,

How is the TV connected to the internet, WiFi or LAN?


Out of the wall....LAN Sir.


@sharkcrooner does it work if you use a local source like a DVD or BR player or even a game console?


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Hi @sharkcrooner

Check if your model TV got the latest firmware installed.

Be aware that the link above may not be for your location even though it is for your model but the information contained in it should still be relevant on how to check for the firmware version in the TV.

It mentions improvements to Prime video playback and a host of other general improvements.

You may as well start from having the latest software installed and check if the problem is still there.

The safest way is to try the “automatic software download” procedure and check if that upgrades the firmware. It does mention in the link that when doing it this way, sometimes it will say that you have the latest firmware installed even if it isn’t, so be aware of that as well.

If you want to try the manual option ensure that you have the correct firmware for your model and region. If the above link is not relevant to your location, search online for xbr-65x850d firmware and select the resultant link applicable to your location and model.

Be sure that if you try the manual update that you get the correct firmware as installing the wrong firmware can brick the TV!

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Maybe something here to help

No picture, just green light

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