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What parts do I need to buy for this broken iPhone 6s screen?

Block Image

Block Image


The pictures above shows my iPhone 6s with a broken display. What parts do I need to buy apart from the display itself (article nr.: EU314039) and apart from the Display Assembly Adhesive (article nr.: EU314049-1)? Would an iSlack be recommended to use on this display or would that be risky? If no, then I’d just use the parts included in the battery fix kit (of which I already have 2 at home).

Would I need the LCD Shield (article nr.: IF314-025-1)? Or perhaps the LCD Shield Plate Sticker, too? Or any other article?

Unfortunately both these articles are only available in the US-Store, but not in the EU-Store.

Thanks in advance


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You may be able to use an iSclack. Either way you choose to do it, I would recommend using clear packing tape on the display glass to give your suction cups a flat surface to adhere to and it also helps to contain the glass shards.

You should only need the display and display adhesive, if it is not preinstalled on the display you purchase. Make sure to thoroughly clean the old adhesive with a soft tool and/or careful use of a solvent.

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Thanks for your reply. Apart from saving time when buying the display with preinstalled speaker and camera, what benefits do I have ? Aren't the phone's original front camera, earpiece speaker and lcd shield plate of better quality as they are directly from Apple?

The home button assembly has to be transferred anyway due to TouchID and doesn't come preinstalled on the iFixIt part right?


There is a chance of damaging the delicate gasket for the earpiece bracket. It is thin and can tear easily. Damage can also occur with the delicate flex cables of the front facing camera and sensor assembly in addition to the earpiece speaker during removal. These are held in place with adhesive. There are also gold contacts exposed during this process that cannot be touched or there is possibility of failure as stated in the guide below.

I have replaced several iPhone 6s displays and neither myself nor the previous owner could notice a difference in the quality between the OEM apple display assembly and the iFixit display assembly. All parts inclusive.

Step 22 and forward on this guide:

iPhone 6s Front-Facing Camera and Sensor Assembly Replacement


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