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The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) is a mid-range smartphone in the Galaxy A series. It was unveiled by Samsung in January 2017 together with the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) and A7 (2017). [summary_image|1224313]

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identify all components of all mobiles

My question is not particular about this mobile. I mean, it is common question. Since I am quite new to mobile servicing, it is very difficult for me to identify the components of any mobiles. Is there any way(s) to identify them correctly?

Update (09/02/2019)

Hi, Any more answers,please. It’s a very difficult problem to me since I am quite new to mobile servicing.

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waiting eagerly for your answers for the question .above


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@kumaran123 the only way to identify those is with a proper schematic and boardview. Without it you will not know what each SMD is or the values it needs to have.

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