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The Asus Zenbook UX31A is a laptop released in June of 2012. It is a member of Asus's Ultrabook line. It features a 3rd generation Intel Core I7 processor and a full HD IPS Display.

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Laptop doesn’t turn on

Hi everyone,

I am a Belgian student (excuse me if I don’t write very correctly). I have a problem with my ASUS zenbook laptop (UX310) which I bought almost three years ago and since last night it won’t turn on but the battery indicator is green (fixed, not blinking) and next to it the light bulb indicator is blinking so like it is in a deep sleep mode but even if I press the power button for 30sec, 1-2 to 5 minutes nothing happens (I tried other buttons also and the pad)… I tried also with the charger but nothing either.. As the battery indicator is green, I suppose that’s because it is still have battery but I am waiting since last night and I am worried about it because I didnt back up everything… I am an architecture student so I really need my laptop..

I saw that on other posts that they were talking about removing the battery but here it is impossible, the pc is very thin, it is not removable… A friend of my father could take a look but I am not really comforted about this idea because I dont want to lose everything…

So if someone can help me, I thank him in advance

Have a good day


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The battery may need to be replaced. The Lithium-ion batteries in laptops gradually lose their ability to hold a charge as time goes on. This means that your charging port may be working (hence the green light), but the battery itself is not functioning well.

Most laptop batteries need replacing after 2 or 3 years, especially when subject to the power-intensive applications needed by architects.

All laptop batteries are removable, but unfortunately, ASUS doesn’t make it easy. I included a link to a YouTube video on how to perform the repair:


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Thank you for your answer, my dad opened it (move the battery) and now it works well again


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