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iPhone 7 Stuck On Apple Logo After Housing Replacement

I bought an iPhone 7 and the housing was extremely scratched. There were no signs of AUDIO IC issues and the phone was fully functional. I got a housing with parts so that I only had to transfer the logic board rear camera and brackets etc and after swapping the logic board the phone is stuck on Apple Logo. When plugged in to a computer or the mains, it stays on apple logo then goes black then goes to apple logo then goes black etc. It was a low quality housing so I got one that is a copy houisng but with original Apple parts and I am still having the issue. It is not being recongised by iTunes and when I put it in the connect to iTunes screen by holding down the volume down button and power button, the phone still does not get recongized…

Any ideas? This is for a customer so I am desperate for a solution. Even if it is board level, knowing the issue would help me as I wold not need to pay for a board diagnose. I hope it is not board level though.


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The first thing to try is to put the logic board back in the original housing. It’s not uncommon to have poor quality flexes in replacement housings and these can cause boot issues. If the board works fine in the original housing, then you will need to transfer over each flex. If the board still has issues, then you may have accidentally damaged the board during the repair. Check the connectors and surrounding area to look for missing or damaged components.

The iPhone 7 suffers from the Audio IC issue and this can happen seemingly out of nowhere and usually follows a reboot of an affected device, like when you shut it down to repair it. Sometimes the removal of the screen gives the logic board that last “flex” that puts it over the edge. Once rebooted, the phone exhibits symptoms that were never present before. However, even an affected board will eventually boot.

Check out this Q&A (Clue as to what went wrong here? iPhone DEAD after chassis replacement) that I answered recently, it provides some additional ideas and feedback from the OP.

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thanks so much, I really value you, you are the most helpful person on this forum, always happy to help people out. I will let you know how it goes. You are a great person.


I'll leave my phone on my desk for a few hours to see if it eventually boots up. If it does I'll get an Audio IC replacement done by a guy I have used before.


Thanks for the kind words. I try to help as much as I can! However, that distinction goes to @oldturkey03 and @mayer :>).

Slow bootup with an Audio IC issue is usually ~5 minutes. If it's taking longer than that, you probably have a different problem.


Ah okay, thank you. I don't believe it is the flexes as the flexes in the new housing are OEM from an iCloud locked iPhone 7. Will double check to be sure. I have turned on the iPhone and will leave it for maximum of 10 minutes before trying your other solutions. :)


Yes, it turned on fine after a few minutes. It is an Audio IC issue. Thanks ;D


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