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Released June 2010. First generation notebook-tablet hybrid computer.

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Doesn't charge or turn on.

My laptop is flat. I plugged in the charger, it doesn't charge and I cannot turn it on. Wondering if something has blown inside as the charger is not the original as the original was lost.

What should I look for? And how to remedy?

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Have you tried another charger? That would be my first guess.


You have omitted some very important information. Did the unit's battery charge up OK and did the unit boot up correctly previously for an extended period of time with the replacement charger? Will the computer boot up correctly without the battery installed in it?


So the laptop booted up fine before. Got a charger and it wouldn't charge. Not sure if wrong polarity. It's correct volts so that's what matters.

Just got another charger to test and same has happened. It doesn't boot. Maybe because it's flat but it doesn't even try charge. Maybe something has blown inside?


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First you need to buy a charger that is specifit for this model

You could also check the mains charger you have if its dc output voltage is present

A DC multimeter is needed to check its DC output - with the meter set to Vdc

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