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On my citroen C4 the Air Condition /Climate control emties the battery

On my Citroen C4 the Air Condition /Climate control empties the battery. The service light comes on, air con stops but battery empties within a day.

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That’s because when you power on the AC, the radiator fan starts to spin, and if your alternator is not strong enough to handle the load then your battery will run out of juice.

You need to fix the alternator, it might be a broken diode, a damaged regulator or a bad brush, these are the most common causes as far as I know.

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Sincere Thanks,

Changed the alternator regulator and fixed the AC and most of my electrical problems.

Apparently, a very common problem with CITROEN cars, registered in the first

decade of the millennium.

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Always a pleasure :), can you change the status of this topic to a solved problem, please?


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