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The Toyota Corolla's eleventh generation was released in May 2012. In Japan, the sedan is called the Corolla Axio while the wagon variant is named the Corolla Fielder.

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where's my fuel filter locate and is that easy to replace them?

Hi, I have a Toyota Corolla 2015, 149k miles, do you know where's my fuel filter locate and is that easy to replace them ?

Please let us know


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I don’t think your vehicle is equipped with a fuel filter so your job is done.

The fuel pump assembly is an all in one unit inside the gas tank that is comprised of the fuel pump, pressure regulator, sending unit, float, reservoir and a strainer. This is better left alone until it or a component of it fails.

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See if this is the correct one:


Here’s a video on how to replace it:


Not sure which engine you have, so this may be a better video:


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Use premium fuel and a injector cleaner, it should fix the fuel issue.

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