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replaced battery, not recognised in itunes, no display

hi, I bought this as a project.. thought it would be easier than a nano I bought (thanks oldturkey for taking that off my hands!) The listing was "won't turn on"...new battery I thought. So replaced that, found old battery still had full charge... The ipod feels warm to touch, as if it is charging, however there is no display despite reset. Itunes doesn't detect it. Dock looks ok.. no bent pins/dirt etc. Where to go from here is the question. Is this a new logic board? or is there something else I could try. The ipod hadn't been opened that I could tell, no obvious water damage.


wellllllllll...never say die! I changed the battery(again)..it had exploded and had never turned on. Ordered another, turned on then slowly faded out...resoldered white wire and BOOM! we have ipod. Can't tell you how relieved I am..have had this in the "to do" pile for a while. Sometimes taking a break and coming back with a fresh mind works wonders.

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Do these need different cables ie I've heard mention of FireWire cable. Don't own one... Should I get one??


battery is good, which pins on the dock connector would you recommend? just got to change the battery on the multimeter..some idiot (er that would be me) left it on overnight and the battery is some silly little 12v! aaaaaargh. but thanks for the hint. was thinking some sort of fuse or power ic as I would have thought it would at least boot to the home screen even if dock was bust...having said that maybe the screen is dead too! aaaaargh.


Pin 23 and ground (or pin 15 and 16 should give you the 5 volt from the USB connector) Check the pinout on here http://pinouts.ru/PortableDevices/ipod_p... since it also shows you the data connections from the dock connector.


Just thought of something, just in case your display is NOT working, you could use the "Sound ;-)" method (hope you are using windows) Turn up your speakers.

You know when you connect something via USB, there's a sound. Use that as your cue.

1. Connect to PC via the dock connector. Doesn't matter if iTunes is up or not.

2. Hold Home button

3. Hold Standby button

4. Now you listen for the "USB out" sound. You should be able to tell if the device is disconnected from your PC. Now lift your Standby button. The screen should be blank.

5. Now you listen for the "USB in" sound. You should be able to tell if the device is connected to your PC. Now lift your Home button. The screen IS STILL BLANK.

6. If all goes well, your device should be blank and iTunes will launch by itself. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN ON YOUR DEVICE . If it comes up you can perform a manual restore.

this of course only works if it is your display.


Down the line you might need to invest in a Firewire charger since , looking again at the pinout, it uses different pins for the charging. So it might get you to charge if the USB will not. In your case right now,you do have a new battery and it should not matter :-)


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pollytintop, you won't need firewire for the Touch, it wont make a difference in this case. Sometimes it helps because it does give the battery the initial "kickstart". Remember, when you use a 9volt battery across the oles? I use a firewire charger to do the same just don't have to take the device apart. Anyhow I am looking at some of the schematics I have to see where your problem might originate from. Just in case, have you checked the dock connector and the battery contacts for continuity? Do you get anything on your meter when you connect the iPod?

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The problem was the battery all along. Thanks OT3 for the wisdom..might have taken 3 batteries but we have working ipod..yeehah!


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