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Mac won’t turn on after upgrading cpu and ram.

I didnt do so well attempting this. First time. Cracked the screen.

Ram is new, works fine, same for cpu. Tested both in another machine.

I may have damaged some other part of the system putting it all back together.

I don’t have the finger dexterity to reconnect the mic ribbon, (or so I think it is the mic ribbon based on the ifixit guide to disassemble), so I just didn’t connect it.

One green led does come on when I provide ac power. Nothing happens when I press the power button.

I suspect:

  • I damaged the power supply or the connection of the supply to the board.
  • i damaged the connection of the power button to the power supply
  • attempting to reconnect everything (except for the display) and ensuring connections are tight, then turning on and looking for fan movement or led status change while the display is not connected may also prevent it from powering on correctly.

Block Image

this is the one led that does come on when I plug it in.

I’m sitting on a pretty expensive screwup here.

any insight to what I may look at to rule out where failure is would be great.

I’m also open to suggestions of reputable repair places to get it done properly. If I can at least narrow down what is actually broken, I hope to help make the repair cheeper.


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Given the difficulties you have had already, I think its time to find someone local with better skills and access to the needed parts to get your baby fixed.

First times are always hard and this series makes it much harder to learn from. The first few ‘Thin Series’ iMac’s I worked on I killed the display as well so don’t feel bad. Back then we didn’t have the correct tools or any teardown or guides to reference.

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I killed the display data cable on the first 27" one I worked on.


Yeah, I don't feel too bad about it. I did the hard drive fine. it was getting to the backside of the board where the CPU and RAM is that got much more challenging.


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