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The Galaxy A9 (2018) offers four, count 'em, four rear-facing cameras. Zow. Model number: A920F/DS.

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Samsung Galaxy A10 Phone works only when plugged to power outlet

Samsung Galaxy A10 fell in water. Was immediately removed and cleaned with isoprophyl alcohol 99%. It started working. It works only when plugged in. It shows battery is 100%. But the moment it is taken off the power supply, it goes blank. And starts with charging from 0%. WILL THE PROBLEM BE RESOLVED BY REPLACING THE BATTERY? Is it possible that any connection problems could have arisen while cleaning (especially two wires going from the bottom end of the phone to just above the top of the battery which appear to be loose)? Since everything works fine otherwise, am I right in assuming that there is NO problem with the logic board?



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Recommended procedure for unit's that have been subjected to liquid immersion is to replace the battery.

PS No need for the all capital letter sentences. It's considered shouting and is annoying.


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i would definitely recommend running a full backup of all your info from the device asap due to the fact that it can get worse, that’s for starters. if you know how to open the phone up without damaging it worse then i would see if there is any corrosion on any part of the mobo. if there is then 99%iso and a toothbrush can help with that. if it is quite a bit and not just spots i would take it to a local shop as a sonic bath and a microscope can help those out from time to time. a battery would be a good starter to seeing if you can fix it to get it to work right as well but keep in mind that safe battery handling practices are a good thing to learn that way you dont puncture it.

hope this helps a bit.

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You are wrong in assuming there is nothing else to worry about on the board. Just because it is working now doesn't necessarily mean it will work tomorrow. The damage may be more subtle.

As for the phone, definitely start by replacing the battery, this is almost always mandatory after any significant water damage. I suspect your issue though is going to be related to corrosion on the board, probably a short somewhere where the battery power is handled, thus why it only works when plugged in.

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Thanks to you both crtrue and Steven. I want to ask the wider group if you can spare your time to help.

I found time yesterday night to do a second cleaning with isopropyl. The end result is the same, i.e., the phone works: calling, messaging, youtube, etc. Two things I want to check which I observed in the course of the cleaning:

(1) I checked the battery with a digital multimeter. With the setting on DC and placing the negative point of the multimeter on the top end of the li-polimer terminal and the positive end at the lower end of the terminal, the voltage shown is 4.09 volts. When I switch the ends (positive to top, and negative to bottom), the reading is never in volts, always goes to microvolts (mv). Does that give any indication that the battery is defective, and needs to be replaced?

(2) In the Samsung Galaxy A10, there are two tiny wires (not the black strip and yellow strip both of which nicely snap into place) which run from the bottom to the top and they don’t properly snap into the sockets both at the top ends in the motherboard and the lower ends in the bottom chip panel. During this second opening and cleaning, I found them quite loose, and when they appeared to be just in place I placed the top cover plate and the small bottom cover plate very carefully and screwed them. Do you think that these wire-ends not being - and therefore any short circuiting - could be the problem? Does this need a professional to do it? Or is there a right way to gently put them in place? The Youtube videos I checked don’t have such open wires to contend with.

I am undertaking this out of interest to revive the A10, and want to be prepared to deal with any issue that might happen in the future with the costly Samsung A8 that I am now using. There is no guarantee that the structure and connections of the A8 will be similar to the A10 to easily apply any knowledge and tips presently gained. Yet, I want to be in touch with experts and diy-ers like me.

Thanks in advance to those who have something to offer from your expertise and/or attempts.


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