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The Toyota Matrix is a compact hatchback derived from the Toyota Corolla. Introduced in 2002 as a 2003 model, the Matrix is the result of a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors, with the GM version sold under the Pontiac Vibe name.

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Why do I keep getting a p0171 and p0303

I have a 2004 Toyota matrix xrs with the 2zz ge

I recently replaced my rear exhaust header gasket to to a prior lean code due to it having a Secondary Air Injection Pump Check Valve since I did I now have the p0171 and a p0303 3r cylinder misfire.i have done a compression test and a vacuum test both fine, have done coil packs, spark plugs and injectors and tested it all. Also have done every gasket on manafold and throttle have replaced the maf and tps put still getting these codes. The car starts up with rpms about normal but rough, have aslo replaced upstream o2 witch was bad have not done second. It only has 186k new clutch and master and fork ecta I have sprayed brake cleaner everywhere and cannot find a leak.im stressed out .I just wanna drive my car. Please help

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Sounds like you’ve checked a good portion of the items that might be at fault.

Based on what you’ve already tried and eliminated, I would move on to testing the fuel pressure to ensure proper pressure is reached and maintained. How were the results of the compression test and vacuum test? The only other items that come to mind are the gaskets for the intake and/or plenum possibly failing only for cylinder 3. Are the wire connector/pins and harness in good shape for cylinder 3 fuel injector and coil pack?

Normally a single cylinder misfire is a single point of failure, like a cracked piston or head or bad valve but you would have compression differences, a spark plug, coil pack, coil wires/connector, fuel injector, fuel injector wires/connector or an intake manifold or plenum gasket…

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