Error message- Memory card is locked. Slide lock to write position

I keep getting the error message ‘Memory card is locked. Slide lock to ‘write’ position.’

This message occurs with whatever SD card is being used. Brand new or otherwise.

The lock is not on and the card is in the ‘write’ position.

The SD cards used are all the correct type - San Disk Ultra and the like.

The camera is one of a number that I use in a secondary school which get a lot of usage but are well cared for.  I think that a student has been quite heavy handed in putting in a SD card, forcing the ‘spring back’ mechanism. The SD card no longer springs back out

The camera is in full working order other than this fault but will not work because of it.

Is there anything I can do to repair it?

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FWIW, Youtube has quite a bit of info SD card slot repairs such as the following link:

If no resolution of the problem via the instructionals, replacement of the sd card holder will be needed.


Thank you very much.

I'll look at the youtube clips and see if it s possible to fix myself.

If not, is replacement of the sd card holder a do-able job for quite a 'handy' DiY person? :)


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