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Released March 2016, 7.0" Galaxy Tablet by Samsung.

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Why is all my the buttons on my samsung galaxy tab 7.0 not working

Help! After all my menu keys were not working I decided to clear cache in case that was affecting performance. Only the Power and Volume button were working. Now after I entered the clear cache, ALL my keys stopped working like the Power button and Volume button were also not working. And this screen wont turn off, so idk what to do. Aghhhh and it just happened today, never happened in the past.

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Try booting the tablet into safe mode. This can be down by force shutting off the tablet by holding power + volume down + home until the screen is off.

Then immediately hold the volume down button (press power button for a few seconds if the tablet doesn’t turn on by itself) until you see the safe mode text on the bottom left and the lock screen.

If it works through there you’ll be able to backup the tablet with something like Samsung Smart switch before factory resetting it if needed, seems like software has gone buggy.


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