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The 2018 version of the Samsung Galaxy A8+ smartphone released in January 2018.

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Why is my emi shield a bit crushed? It is heating up

I couldnt find samsung galaxy a8s thats why i have chose a8+ 2018.. My samsung galaxy a8s (sm-g8870) is heating and not turning on.

But when i plug in the charger somewhere in the emi shield is heating up. The previous battery is bloated and i have replaced it. Pls look at the image provided thanks for your help

Block Image

On the upper right of the emi plate is shaped rectangle.

Could it be an emi plate short or what thanks for your help

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Just entering for completion sake, since it just popped up. I am certain that this phone has by now been fixed :-)

@antonramirez you have two power management IC under there, u5000 and U5001. Those are most likely getting hot. U5000 is for the power on circuit and U5001 is part of the rear camera circuit. U5000 and U5001 are both in the rear camera circuitry. I would start off by disconnecting the cameras and see if that makes a difference. you can also check the components for those circuits. Use the Samsung Flowchart for that. To identify the components, use the component layout file and do a search with your PDF reader for the component. i.e. search for C7032 to find its location. Component Layout

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Ultimately you need the full schematics and board layout files in order to determine if it is the PMIC that is short, or is it some component in the circuit that creates a short circuit.

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