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3D Touch not working on iPhone 6s after screen replacement


I recently replaced the screen and battery on my iPhone 6s yesterday, and all seemed very successful, however, I had just noticed that 3D Touch is only partially working. Does anyone know of a good fix? Please note that:

  • All parts used in the repair were iFixit brand
  • The device is refurbished by Apple (2017)
  • The device has had water damage before, but 3D Touch was working on the old screen. When I opened it up last night, the water indicator was pink.
  • Something seemed weird about the packaging of the replacement screen, cable were on top of each other in the correct order, and kind of warped, but not to the extent that the part was rendered useless.

Any help would be much appreciated! <3

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Always possible that it's a faulty screen. Contact ifixit for support as this is only a help forum.

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