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replacing the rear camera, do I have to change screen if it has scratc

so i have warranty on my iphone and the iphones rear camera and flashlight didnt not work so after som week of inspection the store say that they have to change the screen also because it has a scratch in right corner and that the rear camera will go under warranty but not the screen? and i will have too pay 260 euro to get it repaird and the other point is that when they have found a a mistake that wont go under their warranty then i will have to pay 50 eoro just to get it back without repair.

I have little knowledge about iphone and how the inside looks so their reason is bullshit but i cant get trough with them.

but to be on the sure side does it make any sense what they are telling me about the repair??

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Who is offering you this “service”? Is it Apple or an independent repair shop?

This wouldn’t surprise me if it is Apple. If this is the case, consider going to an independent repair shop as they will repair just the camera and it will be much less expensive than 260 euro.

An independent shop should not have to replace a working screen just because it is scratched.

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its a store like walmart for an example its like a second hand store that sells "new" apple products and here we have like 1-2 year warranty for electronics that have inside problems not caused by the buyer.


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Please take a look at the current retail prices on your model. The shop is asking more to repair it than its value:



16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB iPhone 6s

$200 - $220 $230 - $250 $250 $250 - $260

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Yeah i know i have opened a case against them, cause i know to well that i can fix it myself.


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