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The Asus Q551L is a 2 in 1 device released in 2014 by Windows. The screen is 15.6" and the device comes with a 2 GHz Intel Core i7 processor.

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Where can I find an RJ45 replacement connector for my ASUS Q551L

The Lan port,(RJ45) on my Q551LN Asus Laptop has been giving me problems. It is definitely a hardware issue. I have tried different cables with no success. If I force a toothpick into the connector to hold the cable, in just the perfect place it works until the slightest movement. I can connect wifi, but It is to slow for me. Ihave a usb 3.0 to ethernet that does work, but my usb port is even starting to get a little loose. Where can I order a new connector to solder on the Motherboard? Has anyone attempted this on the Q551LN yet? Is it difficult? I have soldering experience. Also does anyone know if the 4gig ram chip that is soldered to the motherboard can be replaced by an 8 gig chip? Are they pin for pin compatible? In years past I have even piggybacked chips, but I am guessing with the new high density chips this cannot be done, but is it possible to remove it and install an 8 or even 16 gig in it’s place?? Why these Manufacturers get stingy with ram when including them on computers, I have no idea but for the cost difference it should would make them a much more desirable purchase.

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I am open to suggestions. I appreciate any constructive input. I am located between Buffalo and Rochester, New York, I would be open to paying someone to do this if it were reasonable.


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FYI, while used as common venacular, a true RJ45 jack is different from the 8P8C jack used in Ethernet . A true RJ45 has a tab on it that prevents insertion into an Ethernet jack and is used for telecom purposes.


Just be careful that the RJ45 is actually an 8P8C Modular connector without the security tab. Some Ethernet ports are sold as RJ45 because of this confusion, but they will not work in telecom. Also, the ones designed for telecom will not have the same specs as Ethernet and may not work correctly. (Like using a CAT4 jack with CAT6, it just allows too much interference)

All that aside, you might be able to find a decent replacement from a component supplier, such as Mouser:


NOTE: Images on Mouser are generic, look at the datasheet for more accurate information.

You will want to get some good measurements (usually in mm) of the spacing of pins, the height, depth, width, etc to make sure it will fit in the same place. Also, if you are going down this road, start with a flashlight and magnifier to inspect the port. A good cleaning with alcohol might be all it needs, or there could be something like a dust bunny lodged in there. Secondly, inspect the solder connection to the board. These can become loose from the strains on the jack, just like power jacks can. It could be as easy as re-flowing the solder on the original jack.

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