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Repair guides and support for the Nikon D800 and D800E digital SLR cameras announced in February 2012.

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Big front focus (out of the norm)

Hello, Is it possible to correct a front or back focus problem that is out of the ordinary (more than +20 / -20) ?

Bonjour, est il possible de corriger un problème de front ou back focus totalement hors norme (plus des +20 / -20) ?

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Have you set the viewfinder diopter so that focus is sharp at some point?

Are you having the same problem with manual focus lenses?

I know that modern autofocus lenses can be calibrated, you may want to check the proper technique for doing so. YouTube is your friend for this sort of thing.

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I'm talking about an autofocus problem, I don't see what the diopter has to do with it.

In manual and with liveview, I don't have a focus problem.

On Nikon D800, it's the general setting that can be changed, but this camera has a problem outside the possible correction level.


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