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Игровая приставка от Sony Computer Entertainment, анонсированная 20 февраля 2013 года и выпущенная 15 ноября 2013.

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Why does my ps4 turn on then right back off?

I Pre order ed a ps4 deluxe battle front edition 500gb hdd and around 3 months ago i shut it off to take it apart to dust it out because the fan was getting way to loud during gaming. after i dusted out the ps4 i put it back together and when i turned it on the blue light comes on for about one second and it shuts off. then i have to unplug and reconnect the power cable and it does the same thing. Any advice? all the cables are conencted, from the info ive gotten is that the sotter joints on the apu are bad? i dont believe this because it was working just fine not even a hour ago. Please help me i want to get this back up and running because i paid $500 and i need it in my daily life.

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Once you opened you have to apply thermal paste this what caused to not boot up and shut off right away also try screwing the two screws tight with the metal bracket is important

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Also make sure the clamp has the two ends pointing away from the board before putting the clamp and two screws on.

Another thing to check is to make sure the fan cable is connected to the board and is spinning when the PS4 turns on. If the fan cable is unplugged the PS4 will long triple beep and switch off.

Usually I'd tell OP to contact Sony for a warranty repair / replacement but the console has been opened meaning warranty stickers are void.


Where do i have to apply thermal paste? And the fan moves when i push the power button.


And under the cpu bracket i have a little plastic thing is that what you are talking about?


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