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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Old homebutton wont fit replacement digitizer/lcd combo

Hello, i have a customer who needs the digitiser and lcd replaced on an ipad air 2 wifi. i noticed upon receiving the ipad, that the home button felt misplaced/stuck. it didn’t work at all, didn’t click and felt like only the top half was moving, while the bottom part was sort of stationary.

the digitiser was obviously replaced prior to this time, since it came off unusably easy. When i took the original home button from the old screen and installed it on the new digitiser, it wouldn’t click. i am fairly sure that everything was perfectly aligned, but i noticed that there is supposed to be a black dot on the tiny clicking “pad” on the button itself(not the bracket). this black dot was missing.

is there anything i can use to substitute this black, stabilising? dot? maybe something from another digitiser or an old iphone home flex or something? i have attached a picture that shows the black “dot” that is missing from the original home button.

Block Image

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You definitely need the black dot, that is what allows the clicking action to function properly. The dot is adhered to the yellowy film. You can peel this yellow film from another Home Button with a similar design and put it on the HB you are trying to repair.

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This black dot can be transfered from an iPhone 4 power button or volume button flex assembly.

Either with an exacto knife with the yellow tape part or by soldering.


@benjamen50 Thanks alot for the info, i took the black dot from an ipad 9.7 2017 digitizer that came with a preinstalled homebutton, which was great because i didn't need the HB, since i will be replacing that with the existing one in order to keep TouchID Function.


Thanks Minho, this was very helpful, and solved the issue :)


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