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Repair guides and support for 27" Intel iMacs by Apple, introduced October 2009.

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Factory iMac screen strips left invisible very sticky residue

Hello again!

I've removed the screen on a 2019 5k iMac to replace a few parts and in some areas the old factory adhesive strips have left behind an almost invisible, but very sticky residue. I’m pretty good with getting rid of things like this normally, I’ve got a cupboard full of chemicals, but this glue stuff seems to be resistant to pretty much everything, and of course, the majority of the glue is on the back of the screen itself, so I’m reluctant to go at that with random chemicals in case i remove the black tint.

On the aluminium chin part where the bottom of the screen sits, I’ve tried:

  • WD40
  • isopropyl
  • acetone
  • white vinegar
  • WD40 fast drying contact cleaner

Combinations of the above!

  • Dabbing with tape
  • Gently scraping with plastic spudger

Is there a method for this that I’m missing?

Can anyone offer any advice as to what has 100% worked without damaging the rear of your iMac screen?

Any help much appreciated as always, cheers!

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I use my pocket knife and just peal it off as it is a strip.

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Almost all of it peeled off in strips, but the strips left behind an invisible layer of glue in some places, most notably the back of the screen.


I can confirm olive oil doesn't work either!


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I personally use Goof Off

I use a plastic purger with a paper towel wrapped around slightly damp. Works every time! Afterwards you’ll want to go over the areas with 85% isopropyl alcohol.

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Thanks Dan, We don't have Goof Off over here, but we do have Goo gone, which seems to be a similar thing so I've ordered some of that. I will post the results here, cheers.


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