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My PS 4 suddenly turned off and now won't turn on!

I was playing GTA V on my 2016 PS4 1208B, and as soon as i completed a mission and auto save screen came, i pressed x and suddenly the screen went like “CRT" animation and off. The TV was on but it was my PS4 that has switched off, i tried to restart it, but it wouldn't turn on instead it would beep once and do nothing. My LED has been faulty since a while so can't indicate it's colour.

Just, when i try to turn it on:

One beep.

It feels as if it'll come to life and then all power down.

Fan doesn't run.

Nothing. Dead.

Then again i pressed power, and same.

I manually removed the disc, and tried the partial insert way, thumped it a little, all unplug and plug, cannot enter safemode either. No luck.

Can someone please help me. :(

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1 ответ

Probably just a failed power supply. Try to replace following this guide:

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