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Black screen on bootup and ding on startup


I have a PowerBook G4 1.67GHz running 10.4.11.

I worked on it and closed the lid. After some time opened, but it would not wake from sleep. Just got the black screen. I tried restarting. On startup I could hear a couple of ding-ding sounds (not the apple startup chime). I could hear the computer working, and see the light in front is on. I then tried the safe boot up but this time I heard more dings and nothing on the screen. I tried connecting it to an external source to see if its a screen issue, but no luck.

I then restarted and inserted my OS 10.4 disk, which went in. I tried to reboot from the disk, I could hear the disk spinning, but nothing came to life. And now the disk is stuck in the drive!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Are you getting three dings?


Yes I am getting 3 dings


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The three dings indicate a RAM problem. First try reseating each stick. Then check in the system profiler to see if they are being seen. Next remove both and insert just one and try to start. Next move it to the other slot. Do this with the other chip as well. We are testing both the RAM and the RAM slots. Slots on your machine have been known to go bad.

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Hi mayer. Thanks for your help. I had actually looked at the RAM slot as well. And from what I could see, I only have one stick. But I will go and check it again


Reseat it and also try it in the other slot.


Will do it when I get home and post the result.


Mayer, Thanks a lot! It worked. I removed the RAM from previous slot and put it in the new slot and its working now. Thanks for your help!



Glad I could help. Go ahead and reseat that stick in to other slot to see if the slot is gone. Your machine will run fine with a 1 GB stick in the working slot, even less, but slower.


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