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When should I replace my battery?

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I just noticed the service battery warning on 10/14 and while I was able to calibrate it into the 80% range to temporarily cure it, I don’t feel like I’m going to get much time out of it even with a recalibration without seeing the warning come back. I may even get it back after recharging it (I never let it get this low; it slipped by me since I usually charge around 20-25%). While not shown as I have data but no screenshot, it was once at 80.9% (4,670mAh).

I remember from my 2009 17” the service battery message isn’t a death sentence, but I also knew that battery since I got that machine new. With this 13”, I don’t have a history to know how it’s been treated before I got it.

Overall, how soon should I start pricing a new battery out factoring in the excessive cycles? I don’t know how the previous owner(s?) charged it, but it looks like a classic near 0-100% charge pack.

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That battery is good for at least another year. Usually you can plan on 1000 cycles on an original battery. I generally replace them when they drop below 70% of the original capacity but you don’t have to.

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I'd probably wait it out just in case we get newer Macs with the upgrade headroom these older ones have. At this point with the possibility of a upgrade friendly Pro machine (with the legacy ports!) becoming a real possibility this time around it may make more sense to hold out unless it locks up or bulges. The touch bar shouldn't exist either.

It's also possible the 2011's will be on par with 2009-10 systems in terms of practical obsolesce before the battery in mine gets far worse.


@nick you can have these newer machines with their $600 display replacement costs. What I promote are the 2012 machines that are repairable and upgradable. I drop 16GB of RAM , a new HD cable and an SSD drive in them and they run great! I am also installing Catalina in them now.


@mayer They can keep the soldered RAM/SSD specials with those defective keyboards - not interested. I'm holding out on the new ones until the RAM is modular and the SSDs are fully modular.


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