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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Fan spins 100% on a mobo-swapped A1342

Hi everyone! As i wrote in the title, i swapped the mobo of my mid 2010 2.26GHz Macbook Unibody with a 2.4GHz one, but the original fan ran 100%. I bought also a new fan, but the result was the same. I performed a clean install of MacOS, PRAM and NVRAM reset, and at last i restored a previous MacOS backup, but all these steps gave me the same result: fan spinning at 100%. Hardware diagnostics gave me the common error “4MOT/1/40000002: Exhaust”. TG Pro (evaluation version) values appear to me quite normal, except for the 0 rpm of the fan, obviously.

Block Image

Where could the problem be? Thanks!

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maybe the fan connector is bad and it is getting no signal from the fan, therefore just sending 12 volts to it at all times, try inspecting the fan connector and try cleaning it

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Thanks, i'll check it. What signs should i look for?


The fan has four wires, two for the fan and two for the tach which measures the fans speed. You either have a bad fan or connection to the logic board or the fans wires are damaged.


Thanks for the clarification. I suppose it is a logic board connection problem because i tried two fans and they had the same behavior...or i am a bit unlucky ^^


I use a thin push pin to probe the wire side and the logic board side with an ohm meter to check continuity of the connectors interface. If that doesn't offer any clues you likely have a logic board issue with the tach logic.


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