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Repair guides for the MacBook Air, Apple's current line of consumer laptops.

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RAM soldered on Logic Board

Mac Book AIR [Model A1304] RAM damaged & needs replacement. Its soldered on logic board so service people say that logic board needs to be replaced. Can i just change the RAM??

How do i transfer data from this hard disk to another PC/Laptop?

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Here is a link to some adapters to allow you to retrieve your data. You will also need anUSB to IDE adapter--link provided.



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Good links, but not working for apple macbook air. Do u have any other idea plz let me know. I am looking for a card/device which can allow me to connect that SDD to USB of iMac.


Can you elaborate on what's not working?


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No you can't change the ram you need to get another logic board for your macbook air

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It is possible to replace the ram chips, BUT it is an advanced board level repair. that can only be done with very specialist equipment.

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