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Withings/Nokia Smart Scale, Model #WBS04 Designed in France. Assembled in China Rated 3.8V. Released in 2013.

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How to deal with a water damage?

Scale got wet in the bathroom and does not start anymore.

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My cleaning lady also damaged the scale with water, just one week after buying it. Really frustrated. Particularly for such expensive product, it should be better designed.

The interior looks good, so I guess is just the side button which was exposed to water


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Do not turn on the device or try to charge it.

Next open the device and disconnect the battery from the motherboard so as to minimize any further damage.

Here are a couple of links that may be of some help.

Withings Body Cardio Teardown guide

Electronics Water Damage.

If the corrosion on the board is bad, try cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+ (available from electronics parts stores) and a soft brush. Also if possible do not use “rubbing alcohol” unless there is no purer IPA option available. Rubbing alcohol is usually only 70% IPA or less, can contain scents and is not as effective as purer IPA.

As always with electronics, be gentle when handling and do not brush too hard to remove the corrosion. You don’t want to remove any components from the board.

Good luck with the repair.

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FYI: I had the scale does not turn after cleaning it a bit too much water problem.

Follow instructions to open scale and wiped insiders, measured voltage of 3.8v on battery, and put it back together. It still didn't turn on. After 2 weeks, I accidentally stepped on it and it turned on!

So, if it doesn't turn on, open it, dry it, put it back together and wait two weeks for moisture to dry out.


Thanks so much for the info. Our body cardio got soaked by a dripping bathing suit and then it got stuck in a loop same as Bruce’s scale. Took it apart as per tear down above. Inside was dry, but switch was damp. Cleaned it with a dry soft cloth and blew it dry with compressed air et voila! Back in business. (Had to reinstall on iPad as well). Doug


The link https://novemberfive.co/blog/hardware-te....... doesn't lead to the teardown but to an advertising page.


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Mine went crazy, getting stuck in a loop of continually restarting itself. I put it in the hot press for a few days after which the nature of the faults changed somewhat. It would show the weight only, then cut out. As an added bonus the info on the screen was also upside down. So it probably was water.

I reset the scale to factory settings according to Withing service instructions as follows.

  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your mobile device and locate the Body Cardio which will show up as Body Cardio XX.
  2. Select the gear or 'i' icon to the right of it, depending on your mobile device, and you will have the option to 'forget' or remove the scale.
  3. Dissociate the scale from your account by opening the Health Mate app and going to 'My devices' -> Your scale -> 'Dissociate from my account'
  4. Hold the button on the side of the scale for 8 seconds and then release it
  5. A menu will appear with an arrow and three options: mac, upgrade, reset
  6. Tap the button on the side of the scale until the arrow is on 'reset'
  7. The scale will now reset and will be ready to be configured
  8. Follow instructions on how to set up your scale for Wi-Fi use

Since doing this, the scale is performing normally. It now needs a new battery which is why I am on this site. Hope this helps someone.

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If none of the above work, the components inside your reset button on the side of the unit are probably too corroded. You’ll need a replacement part, which Withings won’t send you. This is a basic design error that Withings are ignoring. This is the 2nd product I’ve had design issues with. Take from that what you will but this user will never be buying from them again.

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