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Impossible to use wifi on Ipad mini

I bought a ipad mini on facebook marketplace and the kid told me the wifi was hardly working. I only paid $20 for it and after trying everything in my power to get the wifi to work, I came to the conclusion i need to open it up and replace a part. The ipad will not detect my home wifi and i can only connect it using my phone hotspot if it is touching my phone. Sounds like a faulty wifi antenna, doesn’t it?

Is there any other part in the ipad that could cause terrible wifi connection apart from the wifi antenna that i’m finding on amazon prime for $5-$10? I have no experience in fixing devices but wanted to give it a shot, seems like something I could do.

I have also noticed a small crack in the screen, I found a replacement on amazon for $15 so I decided i might as well grab that and replace that too, but my main question here is that I just want to verify that it should be the wifi antenna I should be replacing.

Thanks! -

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Well I had a similar problem with my iphone X and I fix it with out replacing anything. What you want to do is go to the settings and general and rest then reset your network settings. If that doesn’t work go on a computer install the newest verion so it can replace and repair the IOS. Create a backup and reinstall the base OS and the put the backup back on it.

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Doesn't seem to be the case here. The ipad is completely formatted and is up to date according to itunes. Parts came in just now, will attempt to fix it tonight.


@ethanwit do you have a result


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