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My Vtech cordless phone CS6929-26 does not ring not in silent mode

does not ring not in silent mode

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Hi @ramona67 ,

Just some tests to try and narrow down what the problem may be:

a) Make an outgoing call from the Vtech phone to the number connected to the Vtech phone and check that you get the busy signal. In other words, dial your own number.

If you do then this proves that the correct number is connected to the phone.

If you get the ringtone signal, let it ring and check if anybody answers. Your phone line may have been switched to someone else’s number and you are using their number. That may be why your phone doesn’t ring when someone calls your number

b)Try calling the Vtech phone number from another phone e.g. a mobile phone and check if the Vtech phone’s answer machine will eventually answer the call (if the answer machine is set up etc).

If it does then this proves that there is a ringing signal being sent to the base station and it is not being sent to the phone or it is being sent to the phone handset but there is a problem in the handset.

If not this proves that there is no ringing signal being sent to the phone’s base station or there is a problem in the base station.

Can you try another corded phone to check if it works OK when connected to the telephone connection point either the socket where the cable from the street is connected to or the internet modem socket if you have a VOIP service?

If the corded phone works OK then there is a problem with the Vtech base station.

If it is a VOIP service and the corded phone doesn’t work then check the phone settings in the modem or contact your ISP about the problem

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