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Why wont my car move when I put it in gear?

Why wont my car move when i put it in gear? Its an automatic transmission and ive been trying to figure out why it wont drive?

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What exact year and model is your Accord?


how has it been running before-hand?


Are you sure that when you move the gear handle inside the car that the gear selector on the transmission is also moving? Give it a visual inspection.


04 Honda Accord wasn’t having any problems whatsoever was driving over a hill and it stopped going in gear I’d press on the gas and it’d act as if it was in neutral


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First thing I’d check is the transmission fluid level. Next would be to check the filter and pan, if there’s alot of buildup on the magnet, you’ll be likely looking at a rebuild/replacement.

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I recently had same problem with my 04 honda accord 4plug.. it's only on reverse and not drive.. it doesn't engage on Drive

Pls i need help


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