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6th generation of Motorola's Moto G line. This phone was released in 2018 and features a glass back that is easier to remove than Samsung phones. Model numbers are XT1925-4, XT1925-5, XT1925-6, XT1925-12 and XT1925DL.

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Turbo Charger Plug Fell in Water

My Moto G6 turbo charger fell in cup of water. I took it out, stuffed thin toilet paper tissue inside the port to dry it out. Then put a hair dryer in front of it and blew warm air on low for a few minutes. I left it to dry for 8 hrs. and tried to charge my phone with the cable it came with and it didn't charge up my phone. When I switched the cable to attach to an iPad charger (white one about 2 in x 2 in) it charged up my phone. Is my Moto turbo charger damaged permanently, or is there hope it will work again?

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It may never work again but it might be worth putting it in a jar filled with rice for several days to pull all the moisture out of the device. A new one can be bought for $14.99


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