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Newly assembled display not working correctly

Hello everyone!

I just assembled a friend's display and after putting everything back together the display doesn't display anything correctly.

Here are some images:

This one is supposed to show the Apple logo on startup.


This one is the lock screen:


I really hope you guys can tell me what the problem is. I hope its not a faulty display!


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just for clarification sake, why did you replace the original screen?


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That looks to me like a faulty LCD. You will get them 1 in every 1000 or so. Anything that is powered by electricity has the possibility to be faulty, just a fact of life.

I bought a brand new cannon handy cam for about $1000, and it just decided to turn on and off whenever it felt like it. Why? Who knows.

Because the LCD is actually attached to the Digitiser itself, you will need to buy a new iPhone 4 Digitiser assembly (that is unless you have a heat gun and lots of patients to separate the LCD from the Digitiser)

Show these pictures to the supplier you got the original Digitiser from and they should be able to refund you or send you a replacement.

Hope this helps! :)

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I found out what the problem is and it's not that the display is faulty but that I pinched the digitiser cable when assembling the new display =/

The problem however is that my old display won't work either! For some reason it's all blank with the backlight on when I turn on the phone and nothing else works.

I've tried googling for a solution to this but there doesn't seem to be one.

I got the part off ebay so no replacement..

Anyway I will go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider to get a new display..


Have you tried re-seating the battery? Physically stopping the connection momentarily could possibly fix it?


Yes I have tried this many times. Unfortunately no success :( I have given up already. I will get a new display since that's the only thing I can afford. Getting it done by Apple would set me back €270 which is almost half the price of what I paid for the whole phone!


Okay, Good luck then! I hope it works!


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