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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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My ps4 pro beeps once, then the blue light comes on for a second then

My ps4 pro beeps once, then the blue light comes on for a second then nothing. Completely lifeless. Until I disconnect the power and try again but the same problem persists, a beep, blue light, dead.

I've disconnected all wires and manually ejected the disc. But still nothing. Any help????

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how long have you had the PS4? was it a refurbish? when you turn it on does the fan spin for 2 secs or so? or does the PS4 turn off immediately?


I have the same exactly the same problem! Answering your question, I have the PS4 Pro for almost 2 years now! I bought it brand new! In my case, when I turn it on, the blue light goes on for a second or so, then it turns off immediately, without any fan spin (I took the top cover of to check it out). What could be the problem on my unit!? The PSU or other component!?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I’m facing the same problem. It turns off immediately, seems neither fan or HDD are spinning. Any clue?


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Remove hard drive them put it back in

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Hi. I was facing the same problem console. I decided to open it and do a vacuum clean (had some dirty). I removed and opened the power supply to clean and test. PSU was ok, then I started to worry. Thought o was a logic board issue.

With top and bottom panels removed I continued cleaning. Then installed back the HDD and went for a last hopeless test, but for my surprise it started up.

I’m not sure about the root cause of the problem. Suspect about some dirt on PSU or logic board that was allowing some current leak.

Until the time I wrote this comment I played Gran Turismo Sport and Project CARS 2 for 4 hours with no problem.

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