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Dell Inspiron M5010 personal laptop. 15.6 inch screen, pink cover, release date November 3, 2010.

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No nothing and light on power cord turns off when pluged in

What could be the problem? It was working no issues and after no power for 4 days this happened. Please help

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@handydan does it make any noises? for example, clicking, beeping, fans spinning, screeching, etc.


No nothing. No sound or anything


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Does computer work with just battery? Charger possibly defective.

Alternatively, try taking out battery and plugin charger. Does computer work now?

If so battery could be dead or defective.

Are there any beep sounds when turning on?

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No that didnt work and no there is no beeps or anything


Im thinking its a ground issue but not sure.


Have you tried resetting BIOS?


By pulling the cmos battery?


Yes, though not sure if your model's battery is easily accessible.

Just a thought. When you mention " no power for 4 days" do you mean a mains power outage or just it was unplugged?


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