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Does the charging brick that came with my laptop act as AVR?

We bought a Rog Strix G531GT-AL324T and it came with a charging device with a brick. And I was wondering whether or not this brick acts like an AVR that maintains consistent power input. As well as if it helps when the electricity goes out.

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Simply put. Essentially the “brick” is an AC to DC Rectifier, which would classify as a regulator. Most AC/DC Transformers utilize a internal fuse where if something were to happen to the power it is going to take the blow verse the computer.


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What do you mean a charging device with a “brick”?

Is it as per the image below, where the block above A is the “brick”?

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If so it is just a power cable and an AC/DC adapter.

The “brick” is the adapter (or charger if you like) that converts the wall outlet’s AC power supply into a DC power supply which is suitable for the laptop.

I suppose you could say that it acts like an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) in that it maintains a constant and consistent voltage output level to the laptop, whilst varying the current to cope with the demands of the laptop at any point in time.

If the laptop is on and is connected to the adapter then if the power supply to the adapter is cut off then there is no output from the adapter and the laptop will continue to operate on its’ own internal battery until its’ charge runs out. Try not to let it discharge too far before switching off the laptop in the event of a prolonged power outage

There is no battery in the adapter to power the laptop in the event of a power failure.

If you wish to continue to externally power the laptop in the event of a power failure you need to connect the adapter to a UPS power supply - example only

If the adapter is left connected to the wall outlet after the power has been cut off unexpectedly, then when the power is restored the adapter will take the brunt of any possible power surge and may be damaged. It is advisable to disconnect the adapter from the wall outlet (and also the laptop) in the event of a power failure.

Hopefully this is of some help

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thanks alot this perfectly answered my question


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Have you tried connecting a voltage meter to it an see if there is much fluctuation?

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I dont have a voltage meter


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