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The long-awaited refresh of the popular MacBook Air, featuring Intel's Core i5 processors, an updated Retina Display, and numerous other changes and updates. Released November 7th, 2018.

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Where is located the power on pads?

I have an liquid damaged MacBook air 2018 (A1932)

It was working perfectly except the battery and the power button/Touch ID, but I was really OK with it.

It was working since I wanted to downgrade from Catalina beta to Mojave, now it can boot only into internet recovery (that doesn’t work).

I tried every possible solution for this but nothing worked, now the only thing I could try is to restore the T2 firmware (BridgeOS) but to do this i need to boot the MacBook into DFU mode, but I can’t without the power button.

So I saw the power on pads on oldest MacBooks but can’t find it on the new one. Does anyone knows where?

The next question is, Can I use power on pads to boot the MacBook in DFU mode or reset the SMC?

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Sadly, there are no power pads in this model. The control is all within the power button’s TouchID logic and its communication to the T2 chip. At this point you’ll need to go to Apple to get a new power button programed for your logic board. They are the only ones that have the ability to fix this.

Also be aware any data you have on your system will be lost!

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If I buy a new power button on aliexpress, i know the touch id will not work but the power button doesn’t need to be programmed right? I can’t go to Apple.


Sadly, no the power button needs to be programed to your logic board. The only other way is to replace both!


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