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Replacement battery's discharges very quickly

I replaced my MacBook Air’s battery with a good brand replacement battery and this battery discharges very quickly, even when the macbook is idle, the macbook got dusted out and the thermal compound is replaced with arctic mx4, the cpu temp is always pretty good, its the fully specced i7 model. The macbook never experienced water damage and i have a protective sleeve for it when in transit so the macbook never gets dirty on the inside, but this battery still discharges very quickly, in about 1 hour and 30 minutes she goes from 100 percent to 0 and the macbook shuts itself off after it reaches 0.

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Follow @mayer asked and can you tell us where you bought the battery.


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Let’s take a look at it with a better tools.

Please use Coconut Battery and then post your results.


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Coconut battery sais 100 percent battery health, design capacity is 5200mAh, but the full charge capacity is 5701mAh, the brand of the replacement battery is Yanec


@bramski123 The battery sounds like a great one. Sounds like you have a voltage leak somewhere. Use a multimeter to see if the case is electrically "hot". You may have to try to crackdown where the leak is. A good thermal gun might help as a leak this strong is going to produce some heat. So I would charge it up but not start it (so it stays cool), use your heat gun to go over the internal components and see if you can locate it.


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