PS4 Flickers when I play games

system software 7.0

ps4 model cuh-1215A

I tested my PS4 with different HDMI cables and TV’s and its definitely the PS4. Whenever i play video games the screen flickers a lot. However, whenever i exit the game and im back at the PS4 homescreen the flicking stops.

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Do you have the PS VR box connected ? If yes, did you replaced both cables? Is the PS4 connected straight in the TV or in a receiver ? Is the option "Boost Mode" on or off ? And also important, did you tried other resolution settings ? It could also be HDR related, tried to turn that one on or off ?


@koppie007 I do not have a PS VR box connected. I tried playing around with the HDR settings and other video settings and it still seems to flicker everything i play APEX LEGENDS or any other game


Hi Jason,

Try to turn HDR and boost mode off for now, does it still flicker? Is the PS4 connected to the TV directly ? Or through a receiver ?


@koppie007 i have turned off HDR and boost mode off and it still flickers? ANd yes the PS4 connected to the TV directly by hdmi cable.It only flickers when i play video games. When im in the ps4 store or ps4 homescreen it doesnt flicker at all.


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