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sony bravia KDL-50w800 no picture, but have white LED on and sound on

I have sony KDL-80w800c. Intially it was showing vertical line all over the places. So i saw few have recomended t-con issue.I have replaced t-con. But after T-con replace it has no picture, but it has sound and white led light.Talk to supplier about possiblity of Bad t-con , he mentioned to me to replace encryption chip on new t-con board with original t-con board.Please advise what could be problem.

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Hi @vipulpal ,

Have you still got the old TCON board?

If so what happens when you put it back in, does the problem go back to what you originally had i.e vertical lines all over the place?

If so, here’s an and image from the service manual showing the troubleshooting flowchart for a No Picture problem.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Since you have replaced the TCON and it didn’t work (see p.A1 about encryption) it may be a mainboard problem or worse a panel problem.

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I will try to put it back old one and see if have same issue.

Just want to check with you, is main board store T-con identity and which need to re-establish after replacing the T-con?. Because supplier ask me to replace new T-con Encryption chip from the Old T-con.



I don't know.

There is no mention in this manual about the TCON board having encryption key components. According to the manual the TCON information is in the LCD panel service manual, not the TV service manual..

If you can find the LCD panel part number (hopefully it is printed on the back of the panel), and search online for "(insert part number) service manual" you may find the manual for it and it might explain more.

The only mention about encryption in this manual is about the BAX board (or mainboard - see p.20 red box on Ref #65) and also if you replace the mainboard you have to reprogram the TV see p.13.


Thanks for your response. I put it back the Old T-con and it is same , no picture but backlight and sound., earlier i was having lines all over the screen. Is it possible that the new t-con ruined another part of TV?



Maybe but would be surprised unless the new board was faulty.

It could be just a coincidence and all the handling of the boards may have caused something to completely fail. Don't know if this is right or not but sometimes things happen just because they were touched

Have you checked both ends of the cable that connects the TCON to the mainboard?

Make sure that the connector wires are clean and bright and not corroded preventing a good connection


Thanks again. LVDS connector T-con to BMX) looks bit damaged. Bluetooth and wifi is on, i can see both on my mobile and laptop.I am thinking if mainboard is failed then bluetooth and wifi should not function. is it correct? I am unable to connect to bluetooth because of incorrect PIN.Is there any i can connect to my TV bluetooth? and operate menu frrom mobile to go to service mode.


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