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Vizio 42" LED TV released in September 2012.

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Why does my screen have a foggy layer on the screen

So me and my mom went to Target and saw a Tv on sale for about $250 so we bought it was 43 inches and we got home plugged it up and it had a little bit of a foggy tint in one area of the screen. It now has a foggy layer over the whole screen and we can not find a fix for the tv screen.

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Hi @kaidenjohnson ,

Take it back to Target as it should still be under warranty and get it replaced.


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@kaidenjohnson fog, haziness etc. is usually an issue with the Gamma IC on the T-con board. The strange thing here is that you said it started on a specific area of the screen so there is a possibility that this is a bad panel. I would try a new T-con board and then re-evaluate.

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