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The 15" version of the hybrid laptop/tablet manufactured by Microsoft. Released November 2017.

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Can anyone identify these antennas attached to display?

I removed the screen from my SB2 to fix an issue. However once he screen was on the bench I noticed that there were still some thin metal strips that had remained on the screen when it was removed. The tabs that make connection to the mother board are ribbed so I cant salvage them. I need to know what they are for, if I’m going to damage a radio by turning on the device without them attached.

Block Image

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Thanks, I guess the next question is does anyone know where I can get a replacement/equivalent?


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Basically all wifi antennas, Book 2 uses 2x2 mimo configuration, there should be 2 feed points for signal and some other parts just for resonating, to improve reception.

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Do you know of anywhere that can provide replacement ones?


That's hard. The Surface parts market is very small and those non-critical parts are even harder to come by. Search by model number like "1793" (Book 2 15 inch i7) has worked best for me to find the parts.


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