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Released on February 2016, The Asus Chromebook C202 is a ruggedized device created with students in mind. It is a small laptop that can handle minor spills and drops.

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Chromebooks not finding any networks/WiFi stuck on Off?

I work in education, and I’ve noticed this happen on multiple student devices. It’s a common issue on C213 devices as well. I’m not entirely sure it’s the network card, as we’ve swapped network cards out before and the issue returns weeks later. I’ve powerwashed and reloaded Chrome OS, but it doesn’t appear to be a software issue. I’ve also noticed that reseating the network card fixes the issue for at least a few days if not a few months, but the Chromebooks always come back with the same issue.

Has anyone dealt with this before? How do you go about repair?


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If multiple computers are unable to access Wi-Fi, I can think of three reasons: 1. A malware infection by a “worm” has spread to multiple computers and compromised their networking abilities, 2. The router or switch device that these computers are connected to frequently loses its ability to function properly and needs to be replaced, or 3. The network cards are fine, but the slots that they connect to aren’t.

I think that it’s most likely that the network card slots are faulty, and only provide network access after you re-seated the cards in there firmly. Sometimes NIC card slots can widen slightly, hereby affecting their ability to make contact with the cards. Frequently removing/replacing the NIC cards can exacerbate the problem.

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Dan, thanks for your help! I’m positive there’s no infection on the Chromebooks having this issue. They’ve all been wiped and have had the Chrome OS reloaded, but the issue still persists. I’m also positive that the network equipment is working properly. I’d guess we have around 2,000+ devices on our network, and this issue is only happening on a handful of Chromebooks.

You did mention that it’s most likely the network card slots. I am also fairly certain it’s a hardware issue, but not certain if it’s the main board/slot,or if it’s the network card itself? I’m curious why you believe it’s the slot and not the card.


I think the problem may be the network card slots because you mentioned that you swapped out network cards before, only to have the loss of connectivity return later. If the problem persists even after you replaced the network cards, then either the slots are faulty or all the network cards you have tried are faulty. I think it's more likely the slots than all the different cards.

Also, the problem seems to be alleviated (at first) when you re-seat the cards or install new ones. There is something called "chip creep" that occurs when an integrated circuit works its way out of its socket over time. It is then alleviated by re-seating the loose chip. If the NIC socket doesn't have the means to keep the network card in place, "chip creep" can be a real possibility.


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