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Hyundai's entry-level vehicle. It's available only as a sedan; the hatchback was discontinued after the 2017 model year.

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One of my low beams doesn’t work on my 2014 Accent.

Was about to buy a new light bulb than noticed that it worked. This morning started it up and it was out again. Tapped the light and it turned on. Now is back out. Tapped it but still out.

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Hi @creestuff204 ,

It sounds like either a faulty bulb, bulb socket or a loose wire in the socket connector perhaps.

Here’s a link to the owner manual for the vehicle.

Scroll to Sect. 7-76 to view how to change the headlight bulb. This will let you inspect the bulb, the socket and the wiring.

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the harness that plugs into the back of the bulb will be loose, a washer or seal may have perished and is preventing it from closing tight. other issue would be the wire pin in the harness itself is loose.

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