No Start after Logic Board Replacement.

Computer is a Macbook Pro A1260 2.5 GHz with 4 GB RAM, just over three years old, no problems before now.

The Original Problem was that it often wouldn't fully come back to life from sleep mode. The battery was fully charged, the front indicator light came on, and it made a double whirr from the optical drive, but the screen remained black.

The Original Solution was to take it to the Geniuses, who said it was a logic board issue. So we ordered and installed a replacement board.


*'The old one was 2.5 GHz, the new one is a 2.4 GHz. Not sure if this has caused the new problem.

*In the meantime, we had the HD removed and put in an external casing to use with another computer. When we replaced the logic board, we also put the hard drive back in, but some of the stabilizing screws had gone missing (thanks to the geniuses), so maybe the sudden motion sensor is freaking out?

The New Problem is that now the computer doesn't work at all:

*Absolutely nothing happens when you press the power button. No external devices connected.

*The Maglite indicator lights up dimly green when plugged in.

*The battery flashes on the first light for abt. 5 secs when you check it, indicating no charge, no matter how long the adapter is plugged in.

Attempted Solutions up to now:

*Attempted start-up with no, one, or both RAM cards in all configurations, with and without battery.

*Checked and rechecked all cable connections to logic board and left I/O board.

*Reset the SMC and PRAM.

*Detached top case and tried to start from the logic board - this resulted in the maglite indicator flashing orange.

*Tried the above with various devices disconnected - optical drive, hard drive, airport card, display, camera, etc., with the same result as above.

*UPDATE: I tried this again, and this time there was no change in the maglite indicator, which continued to light dim green.

*Cleaned and checked the pins on the maglite and contacts on the power receptacle.

*I don't have access to any other adapters or batteries to test, but both parts functioned before the logic board replacement.

I suppose there's just no juice getting to the logic board. All the connections seem fine, so maybe it's a problem with the replacement board itself? Any way to find out?

UPDATE: So I decided that the replacement board is fried, and I switched back the old board. Then I tried the "forced overheat" solution detailed here:

MBP A1226 Logic Board last resort fix for nVidia video chip

...and it worked! Unbelievable! All that work, and all I had to do was wrap it in a freakin' blanket? I wish I had known that a month ago, as this has been a real drama. I guess I learned something, though. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

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What wattage of AC adapter are you using? Sometimes those MacBook Pro's won't boot up without an 85 watt adapter.


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First of all the original problem points to the NVIDIA issue and should be covered by a extended 4 year after purchase warranty by Apple. The geniuses should know about that. The only thing with your new board i can think of, as you seem to have checked everything obvious, is the DC in connection under the LB. Hope you didn't get a fishy board.

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Thanks for the response. Would the DC connection would be those black and gray cables coming into the left-hand bottom side, yes? We were very careful to make sure that this stayed connected when we installed the board. I've written to the seller to see if I can get my money back for the board...

Do you have any more info on the NVIDIA issue? I've heard a little bit about it, but a link would be helpful. The guys at the Genius Bar were at first like, "O, it's probably a known issue, it should be a free repair." But then they sent it off for diagnostics, and when they made their cost estimate, they said it would be €800 for a new logic board, which started this whole sordid affair...would be great if I could prove to them that they screwed up...


So I decided to reinstall the old logic board and try the solution detailed here:

MBP A1226 Logic Board last resort fix for nVidia video chip

...and it worked! Unbelievable. All that work, and all I had to do was wrap it in a blanket. I wish I had known that a month ago, as this has been quite a drama, but I guess I learned something. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.


I don't know of a link to the repair program. When i take a suspected machine to my Apple dealer, they start a diagnosis software on an external disk. This has to return a certain error code to validate the machine for free repair. Maybe thats what the geniuses did in the backroom and it did not return the required code.


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I had the same problem. But I found a very simple solution. I hooked up my back up drive to my macbook pro and while starting I kept pressing the option button. Both start up option appeared the screen and I opted for back up drive option. Then through disk utility I repaired my macbook pro's hard drive and installed a clean copy from my back up drive. It took me about 45 minutes only. Now my macbook pro boots up very fast and it works as usually amazingly !

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