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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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MacBook Air unexpected shutdown with battery


I have a MacBook Air 13 (Early 2014) with liquid damage with motherboard 820-3437-b.

When I plug it to MagSafe and detach battery it works great. But with battery often shutdowns unexpectedly (as full power outage), whether power is connected or not.

I have replaced SMC controller with cable, battery. I tried to reset SMC and NVRAM.

Today I received refurbished motherboard for my MacBook and tried to test with it, but it didn’t help.

Please help with this problem.

Thank you.

Coconut information:

Block Image

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Install this gem of an App CoconutBattery It will allow you to monitor your battery and its charging. How about taking a snapshot of the apps window and post it here so we can see what's happening Adding images to an existing question


Added. I think that there is incorrect information. I bought this battery in February 2019. It is impossible to charge 8k times.


WOW! 8,426 cycles! Clearly the batteries logic is bad!

Within the battery is a small microprocessor to manage the batteries charging as well as take note of the number of cycles it has gone through.

You will need to replace the battery to move forward.

When you took this snapshot was the MagSafe charger connected? If it was you still have a logic board issue, likely you have damaged charging MOSFET's here.


MagSafe was disconnected. Thank. I'll try to change a battery.


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If you haven’t replaced the battery, that might be your next step, as it might have gone bad too and causing shutdowns.

I can’t figure what you mean by “SMC controller with cable”, but if by that definition you mean the I/O board and relevant flex cable, after replacing the logic board there are only keyboard and trackpad left.

If you still have issues after battery replacement, if you have a mouse and a usb keyboard you may try disconnecting the connecting cable and see if that fixes the issue. If that’s the case I’d suggest trying replacing in 2 steps trackpad and connecting cable and keyboard or topcase as last resort.

Also check the display and camera connectors are in good working order and undamaged.

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